To honor, reward and thank Dental Assistants for significant contributions to our profession and to the health of our patients, the MDAA offers five different annual awards and a scholarship. Two of the awards going to outstanding local affiliates.

This award is given to the member who has either contributed to legislative pursuits and/or educational presentations in the dental field. Any member may be nominated by a local affiliate or any other MDAA member. The Awards Committee shall review all applications and present the best applicant to the Board of Directors for approval. The current MDAA President is not eligible for this award. Deadline to apply is March 1 of any given year.


This award was named in honor of Ruth M. Edwards, life member and a very active member of the Michigan Dental Assistants Association. This award is given to the member who has demonstrated exceptional leadership, interest, and motivation in the profession of dental assisting and/or in community service.

Dedline to apply is March 1 of any given year.


This award is given to the local affiliate that has sponsored the most seminars, community projects, membership drives, and other activities related to dental assisting and the promotion of the profession. This is based on a point system. The local that receives the most points shall be declared the winner. In case of a tie, the Board of Directors shall have the final approval. Deadline to apply is March 1 of any given year.


Two awards are presented in this category. One is for the local affiliate with the greatest percentage of increase in membership and the other is for the greatest numerical increase, according to dates determined by the Board of Directors. Certificates may be presented to the runners-up in each category.

MDAA also offers a scholarship for dental assistants advancing their education. The requirements are listed below. Deadline is March 1 of any given year.

To apply, you will need:

  • A letter from the Dental Assisting Program Director verifying program enrollment.
  • A brief need history of the applicant including professional goals and financial need.
  • An official student transcript of the most recently completed college courses. (Applicant must have a minimum of a 2.5 GPA.)
  • Send all information to the Scholarship Chairman.

Click the link below to view all information regarding the MDAA Scholarship.


Candidates will be considered on the basis of academic achievement, ability, and interest in the career of dental assisting. Scholarships will be awarded through an evaluation process. A maximum of ten scholarships will be awarded. The amount of the scholarship depends on the amount of the scholarships awarded.