Students & Instructors

Attention Dental Assisting Students

We welcome all Dental Assisting students to join the American Dental Assistants Association (ADAA) and the Michigan Dental Assistants Association (MDAA). All of us in this great state of Michigan welcome you to the wonderful profession of Dental Assisting!

Please be sure to join our MDAA Facebook page. To find us, type Michigan Dental Assistants Association into your Facebook search bar or click here. Apply to join the Facebook page for the ADAA here.

In addition, you will see that there is a Facebook group for each one of our local affiliates, so please become a member of your local group as well. You’ll find the links on our Local Affiliates page.

Our Facebook pages and groups will be instrumental for networking and will become the key to hearing about job openings, continuing education programs, and community service opportunities.

Each of your MDAA officers are here to help you in any way that we can. You will find our contact information on our Board of Directors page. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

If you’re in school now and enrolled in an ADA CODA-accredited program, be sure to apply for our scholarship.

If you graduated recently, please note our special reduced dues for new graduates. In the first year after graduation, you will be called NPRO1-Annual. For the second year, your status is NPRO2-Annual and the third year is NPRO3-Annual. On the fourth year, you are paying full dues. *You are a full-fledged member now and can serve as an officer, committee member, as a delegate, and vote.*

ADAA Student Chapters, Student Trustee, & Student Council

You and your fellow students can form a Student Chapter named after your school and have a say in what ADAA does. You are the future of our association; we want to know what you want from our association!

Students now register for their ADAA Student Membership on their own at the ADAA Website.


Student Awards

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the MDAA House of Delegates was changed and held as on online virtual House. This also affected our Student Day event, although students were still encouraged to submit entries and compete. Two students from Washtenaw Community College made the committment to go ahead and compete and the MDAA Awarded them each $50.

Their  photos and entries were featured in the power point that ran during the House of Delegates so the MDAA Board and all delgates had the opportunity to see their entries.

Mariah King

Washtenaw Community College
MDAA 2020 $1000 Student Scholarship Winner

Mariah King

Washtenaw Community College

Craft project titled:  “Dental treatment Room” made from dental items.


Anna Patrias  

Washtenaw Community  College

Craft project titled:  “Venus Dentalis”

Michigan Dental Assisting Instructors

Students are the future of our association! Please encourage your students to join ADAA. Benefits of membership are listed on the ADAA Website. Membership is available for ALL dental assisting students, accredited programs or non-accredited and the best yet ….. they can register on their own. The instructor no longer needs to collect the money and send in their membership fees.

The 2011 ADAA House of Delegates voted to add a Student Trustee to the ADAA Board of Directors. They also approved a Council on Student Relations and Student Chapters. Now is the time to join ADAA and get your students involved.

Scholarships are available for ADAA Student Members. Refer to the Student Scholarship Section on our website.

Instructors: If you have an interested student that may want to participate in MDAA Board Meetings and add input, please contact the current MDAA President. You’ll find contact information on our Board of Directors page.

ADA/CODA accredited Programs: Programs that are accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) and have been granted the accreditation status of Approved (without reporting requirements). The Commission on Dental Accreditation is a specialized component of the American Dental Association and is recognized by the United States Department of Education. You MUST complete a Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) approved program to take the Registered Dental Assistant,(RDA) Exam in order to obtain your dental assistant license in Michigan.

If you suspect a dentist, dental hygienist, or dental assistant is performing procedures that they may not be licensed to do, you have the right to report this by filing an allegation with the State Licensing Board.

Dental Assisting Programs

Grand Rapids Community College – ADA/CODA accredited
Program Director: Julia Bera, RDA, CDA, COA, MA
(616) 234-4542
Learn more

Mott Community College – ADA/CODA accredited
Program Director: Denise Polk, DDS
(810) 762-0329
Learn more

Wayne County Community College (Northwest Campus) – ADA/CODA accredited
Program Director: Sonya Taylor
Learn more

Ross Medical Education Centers
Locations in the following MI cities: Flint, Madison Heights, Lansing, Brighton, Ann Arbor, Saginaw, Roosevelt Park, Kentwood, New Baltimore, Portage, Davison, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, and Canton
Colleen C. Mee CDA, RDA, Dental Chair, Lead Faculty
(517) 703-9044
Learn more

Delta College – ADA/CODA accredited
Program Director: Pam Livingston
Learn more

Northwestern Michigan College – ADA/CODA accredited
Program Director: Becky Wooters, RDA, CDA, BS,
Learn more

Washtenaw Community College – ADA/CODA accredited
Also offers R.D.A. Update that you need to perform new duties (silver alloy and composite etc)
Program Director: Kristina Sprague, RDA, CDA, BS, FADAA
(734) 973-3338
Learn more

Dorsey Schools – Dearborn Campus, Roseville Campus, and Woodhaven Campus
Lana Sherwin, Associate Dean of Education at Dorsey Schools
Learn more