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Dental Assisting is a fast-paced, dynamic field. Continuing Education courses, such as those listed here, help us stay up to date with the most advanced techniques and treatments for our patients. If you don’t see a course here that interests you, visit our Local Affiliates page and click on the map to learn more about our representatives in each part of Michigan. Many of our local affiliates offer educational opportunities.

Genesee District Dental Assisting Society Invites You!

9:00 – 11:00 AM
Background: Studies indicate a correlation to maternal oral health and early childhood caries. Studies also indicate a link to oral disease and adverse pregnancy outcomes. Proper attention to maternal oral health needs reduces childhood caries and the potential negative impact on pregnancy and birth outcomes. According to the Institute of Medicine, low birth weight / preterm
birth are the number one reasons for infant mortality. Worldwide preterm birth is the second most common cause of death in children younger than five years old. Both preterm birth and low birth weight have been associated with maternal periodontitis with statistically significant associations.
Despite national recommendations, many dentists’ are reluctant to treat pregnant patients, prescribe medications, and take x-rays. A delay in dental care due to pregnancy may worsen dental outcomes and the long-term dental health of the mother and child. Dentists play a significant role in whether pregnant patients receive dental treatment. Disrupting traditional practice patterns of care and evolution of knowledge, attitudes, and practice begins with learning current evidence- based practice guidelines and recommendations.
Course Description: Many dental offices refuse to treat pregnant patients. This interactive, lecture course will present evidence-based oral health practice guidelines for the dental professional and the negative impact that poor oral health has on pregnancy outcomes. Participants will learn the latest national consensus recommendations, radiographic guidelines, and what medications are safe to use in the management of pregnant patients. Participants from this session will leave equipped to make evidence-based treatment decisions in the management of pregnant patients.
Objectives: After attending this session participants will be able to:
* describe radiographic guidelines for pregnant patients
* describe evidence-based oral health care practice guidelines for pregnant patients
* describe evidence-based studies supporting receipt of oral health care for pregnant patients

2 CE
Fee: American Dental Assistants Association Member $20 & All other Non-Members $40
Dental assisting, hygiene and dental student $10 with proof of enrollment
Registration Deadline is June 15, 2021. No refunds after June 15, 2021.
“Pregnant Patients, Oral Health, and X-Rays. What Does the Evidence Say?”
Melanie E. Mayberry, D.D.S., M.S.-HCM

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GDDAS June 19, 2021 Dr. Mayberry live zoom CE Program Final