MDAA Students Day


April 27, 2018


Crown Plaza

925 S. Cryets Road

Lansing, MI





8:15-9:00 am    Registration/Introduce Student Day Committee - Gwen Graham-Feldkamp MDAA Student Day Chair

Welcome: Deborah Jaruzel CDA, R.D.A., BS ~ MDAA 2017-18 MDAA President

9:00-12:00pm   Dr. Ona Erdt DDS - Guest Speaker


  • Essay Presentations                  
  • Video Presentations 
  • Raffle/Judges Tally
  • Award Presentations/Photos
  • Closing        

***NOTE:  Students need not be present to receive an award if they are not presenting. 



NAME OF SCHOOL ______________________________________________

DIRECTOR OF PROGRAM ______________________________________________________


DIRECTOR PHONE NUMBER ___________________________________________________



Names of students:






















Please return completed forms by April 1, 2018 to:   


Gwen Graham-Feldkamp CDA, R.D.A. FADAA

MDAA Student Day Chairman

2121 Baker Road

Dexter, MI  48130


**** You may copy and email to Gwen at:




Once again we are having a raffle for the dental assisting students during the MDAA Student Day to be held at Annual Session on Friday, April 2016. We would appreciate your local donating dental items to be raffled during Student Day. Every year the Students comment on the really neat items that were donated by the locals.

Thank you for all of your donations in the past which helped Student Day be a success and thank you for considering donating again this year.

Items may be brought to the Amway the morning of student day or you may send them to Gwen at:

2121 Baker Road

Dexter, MI 48130

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at

  Annual Session Donations

Any local or individual wishing to make a donation to help offset the cost of the MDAA Annual Session may do so by sending a check to:


Attention: Karen Minca

3577 Ridgecliffe

Flint, MI 48532