Michigan Dental Assistants Association

P. O. Box 118

Lennon, MI 48449

Officer Spotlight

Gracie Hightower CDA, R.D.A., BS, MA

2016-17 Bylaws & Manual of Procedures Chairman

Graice has been a member of the American Dental Assistants Association since 1968 and served in various elected officer positions in Michigan Dental Assistants Association, Detroit Downtown DAS, Southwestern DAS. and with the National Dental Assistants Association.

Dental employment history included Director/Professor of the Dental Assisting Program for thirteen years at Shaw College At Detroit and for thirty-three years and current as Dental Auxiliary Professor at Wayne County Community College District. Also was employed at Detroit Public Schools for twenty-seven and half years as a high school science teacher and retired in 2009.

Gracie is our "go-to" officer when we need a "well thought out" response; she listens to all comments before she shares hers!