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Michigan Dental Assistants Association

P. O. Box 118

Lennon, MI 48449

Officer Spotlight

Gwen Graham-Feldkamp


MDAA Nominating Chair &

Student Day Chairman


Gwen completed her dental assisting education from Washtenaw Community College in 1978. She has been a member for 36 years and is a Life Member.

She has served as numerous positions at both state and local level.  She is an MDAA Past President for both 2001, 2005 and 2015.  Her hard work and role as Student Day Chairman has made our SD's extremely successful! July/August 2011 The Dental Assistant has an article describing student day. She was awarded the Mary Jane Pilkington Award in 1985, the Ruth M. Service Award in 1986, 2004, and 2010, and the 2006 Sullivan-Schein District Award of Excellence along with her ADAA Fellowship in 2010.  Gwen has led her local/Washtenaw to 6 ADAA DARW Awards.  Gwen’s article “A View From the Other Side of the Pond” can be found on page 15 of the “Dental Assistant” January-February 2009 issue.  Currently Gwen is serving her time at the Parnall Correctional Facility (yes that’s a prison) in Jackson practicing her dental assisting skills.  She has been employed there for 27 years. If you are looking for a great speaker to present on Dentistry in the Prison system, contact Gwen!

Gwen and her husband Doug have a son Lucas.  She enjoys folk art painting, gardening, and Wizard of Oz Festivals.  Gwen has a very creative imagination that results in crafts and costumes that entertain everyone.

Gwen’s vision for dental assistants is:  Explore ALL the opportunities that dentistry has to offer you.  There are NO limits and have fun while doing it!!!