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Kristina "Tina" Sprague CDA, R.D.A., BS ~ 2017-18 Matrix Editor


We all know she is NOT a "nurse", She is a Dental Assistant! Click on link to see story from the Detroit Free Press. Our hearts are sad on the news that Greta Zimmer Friedman, the dental assistant in the famous photo has passed away. Student Day Chair, Gwen Graham-Feldkamp and ADAA 6th District Trustee, Karen Minca, are shown below with a statue commemorating the end of WWII.

Mara Lee Albrecht Impact Award




This award is given to the member who has either contributed toward legislative pursuits and/or educational presentations in the dental field.




Ruth M. Edwards Service Award 2016

Congratulations Renee Biggs from Grand Rapids DAS!

This Award was named in honor of Ruth M. Edwards, Life Member and a very active member of the Michigan Dental Assistants Association.  This award is given to the member who has demonstrated exceptional leadership, interest and motivation in the profession of dental assisting and/or in community service. 

Greatest Percentage Increase in Membership

Macomb Dental Assisting Society

Paula Frolka, representing Macomb DAS, proudly displayed the awardCongratulations on increasing your membership and keep recruiting members!

Greatest Numerical Increase in Membership

Grand Rapids Dental Assisting Society

Kelli Fedder, representing GRDAS, proudly displays the awardCongratulations on increasing your membership!

2015 MDAA Corporate Award

President Graham-Feldkamp and Lori Barnhart presenting the

2015 Corporate Award to Cassady Refining

Thank you for supporting Michigan Dental Assistants!

2016 MDAA Achievment Award



This award is given to a local that submits information for all of the events, activities, seminars, etc. sponsored.



ADAA Fellowship Award 2016
Tina Sprague CDA, R.D.A., FADAA, BS
ADAA Fellowship Award 2016
Jennifer Kindel R.D.A. BA FADAA
ADAA Fellowship Award 2012
Marilyn Copeland
No photo available
ADAA Fellowship Award 2010
Gwen Graham-Feldkamp CDA, R.D.A., FADAA, AAS
ADAA Fellowship Award 2010

Jennifer McCarty, CDA, R.D.A. FADAA


ADAA Fellowship Award 2009

Lori Barnhart CDA, R.D.A., FADAA


ADAA Fellowship Award 2009

Melissa Appold CDA, R.D.A., FADAA


ADAA Fellowship Award 2006

Barbara Gurnee CDA, R.D.A., FADAA, BS


barb gurnee ADAA  fellowship
ADAA Fellowship Award 2004
Patricia Piejak CDA, R.D.A., CDPMA, FADAA
NOTE: If you have earned your Fellowship or Mastership, please contact me with the information so that I might post your accomplishments!

ADAA and MDAA Past Awards

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