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Laser Finger Printing of Child
Video Taped Interview of Child
  • Child abduction is a serious and growing problem in the United States!
  • Students work with health professionals
  • Promote our professions!!!!!
    For More Information or to Volunteer, contact:

    Barbara Gurnee CDA, R.D.A., BS


    Ira Slaven – Michigan Mason Contact

    1. Sign up to volunteer
    2. You will be contacted with event details
    3. Arrive 30 minutes prior to start time and introduce yourself to event chairperson
    4. Have a GREAT Time!

    Everything you need is furnished:
    • Gloves
    • hand wash
    • hot pots to soften the toothprints
    • toothprints
    • DNA swabs
    • Thermometer
    • Cotton Forceps

    1. Wash hands and glove up
    2. Heat Toothprints to 170 degrees (only takes 30 seconds)
    3. Explain procedure to child and parents. Ask child to show you how they bite on their back teeth. Easiest way is to have them put their tongue on the roof of their mouth and bite on the back teeth. (“I am going to put a warm putty on your teeth and I would like you to bite on your back teeth like you just showed me”)
    4. Remove the Toothprint from Hot Pot with Cotton Forceps
    5. Place in Child’s mouth and have them bite together until it cools (approximately 30-60 seconds)
    6. Place in Ziploc bag
    7. Open DNA Swab and roll on the inside of their cheek. Close the cap and place in Ziploc bag
    8. Remind parents and children not to open or touch the DNA samples. DNA swabs should be wrapped in Reynolds wrap and placed in the freezer. Toothprints should be stored in a cool, dry place.