Michigan Dental Assistants Association


2017 ADAA Virtual House of Delegates will be Spring 2018**

PLEASE NOTE: The ADAA House of Delegates will be Virtual until further notice

Tentative Future Sites and Dates for ADAA Annual Session

San Francisco, CA September 27- October 2, 2018

Nomination for Delegate to 2018 ADAA Annual Virtual Conference

Deadline to submit this form is March 1, 2018

NOTE: Please complete, highlight the following form, copy and paste in a separate email

I agree that my name be submitted for election as a delegate and understand the responsibilities involved.

Submit Copy of Form to both:

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Jennifer Kindel

MDAA Secretary
MDAA President Elect
P.O. Box 27801
3152 11 Mile Road
Detroit, MI 48227
Auburn, MI 48611

Rule 8: Any member being nominated or elected as a delegate to the ADAA Annual Conference must be present in the House of Delegates at the MDAA Annual Session. Succession of Delegates involved with tie votes shall be determined by lot before the adjournment of that House of Delegates.

Rule 9: All delegates and alternates must attend all meetings scheduled to prepare for the ADAA Annual Conference or forfeit their privilege of representing MDAA, the only exception being an excused absence given by the President due to an emergency. If a delegate/alternate does not commit to attend ADAA Annual Conference at least two (2) weeks prior to the pre-registration deadline date, they will forfeit their position and be placed at the end of the list regardless of plurality vote. Resignations should be submitted in writing to the President.

Qualifications to be nominated as a delegate to the ADAA Annual Conference